Why Are Electric Outboards Becoming The More Popular Choice?

It is evident from the developments in the last decade that we, as a civilization, are evolving technologically. At the same time, everybody is becoming more aware of the damage non-renewable resources like oil are doing to the environment. And the first step to becoming a cleaner and greener civilization is to stop using and depending so heavily on petrol and diesel for transportation.

Electric Outboards have become more popular among sailors, fishermen, and other boatmen not only because it is better for the environment but also for the many benefits it offers the user. Some even consider it the best outboard that you can buy after realizing the many advantages it has over conventional outboard motors. If this has suddenly piqued your interest, read on to understand why going electric is better.

Better for the Environment

Let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way; by using Electric Outboards, you are doing your part to protect the environment. How? Well, by opting for an electric instead of a gas-powered motor, you are reducing the overall usage of fuel.

Additionally, if you are a veteran boatman, you already know that, at times, gas-powered engines tend to leak and leave oil patches behind. So now this type of motors not only contribute to air pollution but also water pollution. Plus, electric motors are quieter, which means you will also not be adding any more noise pollution into the world.

More Efficient

Electric Outboards are significantly more efficient than their oil-dependent counterparts. Because of this attribute, even though electric motors are more expensive than a two-stroke or four-stroke gas engine, they are cheaper to run, which will save you money in the long run. If that wasn’t enough, outboards running on electric power are easier and cheaper to maintain than gasoline-powered outboards and have many charging options.

But don’t mistake its higher efficiency to be a sign of poor performance. Lately, electric motor technology is becoming so advanced that the performance of these engines is actually surpassing gas-powered engines. So, all you adventurers and racing enthusiasts don’t have to sacrifice power and performance when you switch to an electric motor.


Although propane and gasoline outboards are relatively safe, there is always an increased risk of fire when you have a flammable substance on board. Comparatively, Electric Outboards are the safer option if you don’t want to carry combustible material on board.

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