Where To Get William Shakespeare Notes

William Shakespeare lived from 1564 to 1616. Most literary experts consider Shakespeare the greatest writer in the English language and he was definitely the world’s greatest dramatist. Shakespeare was a poet, playwright, actor, and producer. After a fruitful literary career, he retired and spent the rest of his life as a wealthy gentleman with his own coat of arms. The great Ben Jonson described William Shakespeare as a writer for all time and he was correct in this assessment. If you are looking for William Shakespeare notes online, you should concentrate on sites that cover the following areas.

Shakespeare’s Biography

According to Georges-Louis Leclerc a.k.a. Comte de Buffon; “The style is the man himself”. This expression applies to students of William Shakespeare in the sense that you need to know some things about Shakespeare in order to appreciate his works. For this reason, if you are studying Shakespearean Literature, you should study the biography of Shakespeare first. This will help you understand and appreciate Shakespeare’s works.

Shakespeare’s Tragedies

William Shakespeare wrote some of the greatest tragedies of all time. Some of these books include “Macbeth”, “Julius Caesar” and “Hamlet”. These books contain a rich blend of history, drama, betrayal, and conflict. Take your time to study Shakespeare’s tragedies and these books will transport you to a different world. These plays contain tragic characters, protagonists, antagonists, flat characters, and round characters.

Shakespeare’s Comedies

William Shakespeare is famous for the tragedies he wrote but he also found time to write some amazing comedies. Some of these comedies include “As You Like It”, “Measure for Measure”, “Love’s Labor Lost” and “The Merry Wives of Windsor”. Like his tragedies, Shakespeare’s comedies are rich, convincing, and extremely well-written. These books contain convincing characters and very good storylines.

Shakespeare’s Poetry

William Shakespeare was not just a dramatist and an actor. He was also an eminent poet and was particularly good at sonnets. Some people believe Shakespeare invented the sonnet but he did not. However, he was definitely one of the greatest practitioners of this poetic form. This is why the Shakespearean sonnet is named after William Shakespeare.

Shakespearean Literature is rich and this is why millions of people study Shakespeare at different levels. If you are a serious student of Shakespeare, you definitely need William Shakespeare notes. Learn from experts or better still, find a great website and you will get useful notes on the great William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon.

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