When And How To Wear Adult Size Mascots

If you want to be a great mascot, then you have to start by choosing the right mascot costume. While adult size mascots can be found in almost every costume store these days, finding the perfect mascot is somewhat hard. Again, being a mascot entails one knowing how and when to wear their mascot. Without further ado, here is an in-depth look into when and how to wear mascots.

When to wear mascots

· Sporting events: From professional to local community sports, mascots are crucial for engaging and energizing the spectators with their creative shenanigans.

· Community events: Mascots are common during holiday celebrations and other types of local community celebrations. Mascots can be worn in virtually all community events to make these events colorful.

· Photo sessions: Regardless of the event or venue, mascots are always sought after when there are photo opportunities. You can wear your mascot costume for photo sessions with different people at any event.

How to wear mascots

· Choose the right design: When picking your mascot costume, ensure the head fits you perfectly. Also, pick a design that doesn’t hinder vision in any manner. Remember that even if you are wearing a mascot costume, you still need to see clearly. The costume’s mouth, nose, and eyes must be properly aligned with your mouth, nose, and eyes to provide you with the best possible fit.

· Don’t forget to put on a cooling vest: Being inside your mascot costume can feel extremely hot, particularly during summer. As such, put on a cooling vest before wearing your costume to regulate temperatures, especially during extreme heat. With a cooling vest, you can wear your costume for long hours without feeling uncomfortable as a result of extreme heat.

· Put on light clothing: Most adult size mascots are extremely heavy. Wearing heavy clothing will only make your mascot costume even heavier. Put on light clothing before wearing your costume. The best clothing to wear with your mascot is a light t-shirt and shorts.

· Pick the right costume structure: The structure of the mascot costume you pick should be crafted from the right materials. For example, the costume’s inner material should have a lightweight, breathable foam.

Final Thoughts

The secret to becoming a great mascot lies in your ability to choose a great mascot costume. Besides choosing the right adult size mascot, you also need to figure out when and how to wear it properly.

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