What You Need To Know About Murder Mystery Books

Books are great. They make people informed. The most informed people in the world usually read books. There are many types of books. Some people enjoy reading murder mystery books. That is because they have great plots.

Reading is a great pastime. It is better than other hobbies such as partying and watching movies. That is because reading builds the mind. A person who reads a lot is a deep thinker. Reading also improves language skills. To become a great writer, one needs to have a reading culture. Reading does not only inform. It also entertains. No one can dispute the entertainment value of a great mystery novel.

One of the first murder mystery novels was the Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe. Another masterpiece by Allan Poe was The Moonstone. Arthur Conan Doyle made the murder mystery genre popular with the publication of Sherlock Holmes.

Literacy began during the English Renaissance. Since then, people developed an interest in reading. In the early 19th century, the genre of mystery novels began. Since then, there has been the publication of millions of mystery novels. Some of these novels are now in film form.

A good mystery novel will capture the attention of a reader from page one up to the last page. You will find it hard to put down the book. Actually, you can easily skip meals because of the beauty of a novel.

A great mystery story has the element of suspense. You will not know what will happen next and that will make the story interesting. The plot will have twists and turns. Just when you expect the story to go in a particular direction, it will go in the opposite direction.

Murder mystery usually involves two opposing forces. In most cases, it is good versus bad. Evil may appear to triumph for the moment but the forces of good may eventually win the day. In some cases, the novel ends in suspense in that there is no clear winner.

Of course, there will be a number of characters. The villain can be a serial killer or even a violent robber. The good person can be an ordinary person who is not aware of the risk that he is facing. Alternatively, he can be someone who has a lot of experience in solving crimes such as a detective.

The various forces will fight each other. There will be mind games. Each party will play with the mind of the other parties.

The Bottom-Line

There are many literature genres. One of them is the murder mystery genre. This genre is concerned with the solving of crimes.

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