What You Must Have In Your Fishing Tackle Box

As a man, you must have the following in your fishing tackle box: sunscreen, first aid kit, lines, hooks, lures, worms, sinkers and pliers. You should purchase a good tackle box that will be able to carry all your stuff. Find a tackle box that has sufficient space, is portable and aesthetically pleasing. All your fishing accessories Australia will go into the box. You can decide to have two boxes: one for essentials and another one for spares.

Always leave one box in the car and travel with the other to your fishing location. Before your fishing expedition, arrange everything neatly in your boxes. This will make it easy to find stuff when you need them.

Must Have Accessories

1. Hooks, Liners and Sinkers
These are the three must have fishing accessories. If you are a serious angler, you need to have these in your tackle box. Make sure to buy brands. Products belonging to top brands have serious warranty and represent the highest level of quality.

You need a variety of hooks. This will make you prepared to catchy any type of fish. There are small and bigger hooks. The smaller ones are suitable for catching small fish such as river trout.

If you want to catch fish at the deeper depths, you will need to attach a sinker to a hook. This will make the hook to sink deeply. A good number of sinkers are made of lead. However, lead sinkers, are prohibited in some countries due to environmental reasons. You can find a sinker made of brass or steel.

2. Baits
Fishing bait attracts fish facilitating its capture. You will place bait inside a fishing trap or at the end of a fishing hook. You can decide to use fishing worms as your bait of choice. This includes night crawlers, lugworm, rag worm and lobworm.

A baitfish can be your preferred bait. You can use goldfish, crayfish or weather loach as a baitfish. Frog is also good bait. Other choices include artificial lures and plastic worms.

3. Sunscreen
Fishing involves exposure to the sun, throughout the day. To avoid skin damage, you will need to use a good sunscreen. This will help to prevent skin cancer.

4. First Aid Kit
Small injuries can happen while fishing. A hook can enter your thumb. A sinker can fall on your legs. You need to have a first aid kit with bandages, medical tapes and some medicines.

Invest in Your Hobby

As a beginner, you do not have to purchase every accessory. Purchase only the necessary fishing accessories in Australia. Start small and slowly build your stock. With time, you will have a good deal of accessories if you invest in your hobby.

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