What To Watch Out For In The Best Mystery Books

What do you think authors need to create compelling mysteries? Every serious reader looks for thrill in a novel. Readers want to read something that is not only exciting but also suspense-filled. This year, there are a number of thrillers to read. However, to land a great novel that’s worth your time and money, there are certain aspects that you should look for in a thriller novel:

1. Exciting First Chapter

When buying a novel, it’s important to look at its first chapter. The chapter has to be gripping before you spend your money on the book. This year, the latest thriller novels will grab your attention as soon as you open the first pages. This is because the first section is the window to the other chapters, and thus needs to be cabooksptivating.

2. “Sense of Being There”

A good mystery book should make you feel that you are part of the action. This is what you get from the recent mystery novels. You will feel like you are there in the sense that you can see, smell, and feel what the characters are experiencing. This is the sweetness of reading a mystery novel.

3. A Page-Turning Sense

Normally, a great suspense-filled novel is one that you can’t wait to get to the next chapter. This is due to the delight that comes with the conclusion of each chapter. The stories are so great that you just want to turn the pages.

4. A Surprising Twist

This is where you say “Oh My God.” When reading a great mystery novel, you reach a point where the author hits you with a surprise twist. You are exposed to a revelation that you never saw coming. So, this year, you should look forward to fantastic twists that will leave you agape.

5. Human Hero

Every novel has a hero but not all have human heroes. In most best new mystery books, you will be able to connect with the human heroes. You will walk with the main character through the struggles until the adventure is over and the character comes out victorious.


From time to time, aspiring writers, interested readers, and college students get confused when it comes to pin-pointing “thriller formula” in mystery novels. Well, it is vital to note that there is no particular formula that makes a thriller, but there are many features that are common to most thrillers, and some of them are highlighted above. At the end of reading a thriller novel, the author will often bring to your attention a simple solution to the mystery. The solution is creatively crafted so as to display the worthiness of the human hero.

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