What Can You Do With CBD Testing Equipment?

If you grow marijuana either for recreational or medical use, you will need CBD testing equipment at some point. Today’s cannabis equipment is designed to achieve more than just testing cannabis for compounds and chemicals. With the development of advanced equipment, you can do a lot when it comes to cannabis testing. Without further ado, below is a breakdown of what you can do with your CBD testing equipment.

Detect THC

Even the most basic cannabis equipment can be used for testing the presence of THC in a sample of marijuana. Some advanced equipment can easily give results on THC concentration. But a greater majority of equipment is designed to give a simple no or yes result concerning THC presence.

Test the potency of your cannabis

The most advanced cannabis testing equipment is designed to detect the percentage of CBD in a sample of marijuana. Other than detecting the presence of CBD in a sample of marijuana, the equipment goes even further and shows the actual percentage of CBD in a sample. Simply put, this equipment enables you to access how potent your cannabis is.

Analyze cannabinoid profile

Different strains of cannabis have varying cannabinoid profiles. Today’s modern cannabis testing equipment allows both marijuana growers and consumers to analyze the cannabinoid profile associated with a specific strain of marijuana. Some equipment even comes with a chemotype-effect chart, which is crucial for consumers to understand the side effects to anticipate after consuming a certain strain of marijuana.

Detecting synthetic CBD

Synthetic CBD is not just nasty, but it can be harmful in the long-run. Among the side-effects associated with synthetic CBD include anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. Some unscrupulous marijuana suppliers are known to supply marijuana that contains synthetic CBD. But with modern CBD testing equipment, you can easily and quickly detect synthetic CBD and other herbal incenses such as JWH-200 or JWH-250 in any sample of marijuana.

Test for harmful chemicals

The marijuana you intend to consume should be safe for your use, and it shouldn’t compromise your health in any way whatsoever. As such, using cannabis testing equipment can test your marijuana for pesticides, residual solvents, volatile organic compounds, and other hazardous synthetic chemicals.


CBD testing equipment is crucial for both cannabis consumers and growers. It is crucial to have this equipment at your disposal if you deal with cannabis in one way or another.

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