Weaned Child- 3 Tips To Use

As a mother, you might feel that you know what is best for your child. However, at times, you might find that you are not right. It does not make you a bad mother if you ask around to get insights into handling your child. In case you are planning on weaning your child, you might find that this is a complicated process for both you and your child. If that is the case, you can find out ways that you can smoothen the transition. Use these three tips to make the process of having a weaned child simple.

Let the Child Lead

Most mothers seem to forget that the weaning process is not just about them. They tend to assume the baby as they think they do not have a say in the situation. Note that when it comes to weaning, then your child will give you signs when they are ready. What you should note is that you should not force the weaning on your child. Mothers who use this option to wean their babies have an easier time since the initiative is coming from the child. Give One Solid Food at a Time

A common mistake made by most mothers when weaning their child is to give their babies various solid foods. However, this should not the case. It is paramount for you to give your baby one solid food at a time. If you do this, you will identify the foods that your baby likes. Besides, it is also a way of finding out if your baby has any allergies. Have a plan on how you will introduce the food. Where possible, try to give your baby what they like.

Know When to Use a Bottle or a Cup

What most parents do when weaning their children is to choose to use the bottle because they feel that it is easy. However, bottles should only be used if the baby does not have teeth. When they start growing teeth, it is better for them to use a cup. The reason being bottles can damage your baby’s teeth. In addition, they might give them cavities when they are young or make their teeth not grow with the right alignment.


It is paramount for you to understand that breast milk is suitable for your child until the age of 2 years. However, if you plan on weaned child, it is paramount to ensure they are ready for the idea. In case you force the issue on the child, it might cause psychological damage.

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