VTC Limousines Brussels Service Providers

VTC limousines Brussels can avail of first-class transport service all around the city. They hire exclusive cars to fetch them where they plan to stay and take them where they need to go. Fleets of brand new vehicles are waiting for VIPs who expect only the best.

Many of these are from the top German carmakers so there should be no worries about comfort and style. There are models for every type of need and for any number of passengers. Smaller sedans can accommodate up to three people along with their baggage, excluding the chauffeur. Regular vans can sit up to 7 occupants while bigger ones can welcome up to 20. For large groups, a VIP bus can be hired to keep up to 50 people together.


The VTC limousines Brussels service can be hired for airport transfers. If you are flying in to the city, then book your ride in advance. The chauffeur will wait for you at the airport at the appointed date and time. You will not have to jostle your way to the crowds or take a risk with taxi cabs. A reliable driver will hold out your name for ease of identification. You will get help with your luggage so you won’t have to break your back carrying them. Get a direct ride to your hotel so you can rest and relax as soon as possible.

Day Trips

The limos can also be hired for day trips in and around the city. Brussels has so much to offer from art museums to historical sites to fun places to visit. Provide a list of destinations that you want to see and leave it to the chauffeur to take you there. You could also give a description of the experience that you would like to have and the office will suggest places that fit the theme. You can go alone, with a special someone, or with a group of friends.

Group Tours

Those who are on school holidays or business conferences might like to do some side trips before they leave. They can avail of the larger vehicles in the fleet to take their group on the most fascinating sites and activities. See awe-inspiring buildings, shop for souvenirs, touch lucky statues, visit historic homes, sample Belgian chocolate, feast on local dishes, enjoy a walk through the eyes of famous literary characters, and marvel at picturesque views.

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