Vital Aids For Daily Living

Mobility and independence are things that most people take for granted. Millions around the world are unable to enjoy these because of old age, disability, or injury. They can have trouble doing simple tasks without assistance. However, they can gain greater mobility without fear of injury by using aids for daily living. These vital additions to the home gives them the confidence to move around by themselves. Their families won’t have to be worried all the time as these will keep them away from harm. The following are some of the best things to get in this type of situation:

Low Floor Bed

The bed should be kept as low as possible to make easy for users to climb in and out of it. If it’s too high, then they will have difficulties transitioning either way. They might even sustain injuries if they fall off to the side. If they have a low floor bed, then this will not be a problem because they can always climb in and out of bed easily. You could even add a railing for good measure. Since the vertical distance to the floor is trivial, falls will not have any grave consequence even if they happen.

Anti-slip Mat

Regular mats often slip and slide especially when the floor is wet. This is a common problem around entrances, kitchens, bathrooms, and similar areas. Wherever water is present, you will encounter this dangerous situation. The elderly tend to have brittle bones so a slip and fall can break their hips and other body parts. It won’t be just a minor accident but a major health issue. Make it a point to place an anti-slip mat in key areas of the house. These have rubber underneath that prevent slippage even when placed on a wet floor.

Walking Frame with Wheels

Despite difficulties, most people will mobility issues will still want to try walking around on their own to do whatever they need to. Crutches can help but these are a bit unnatural. Wheelchairs are even worse as they require sitting down instead of using the legs. If a person wants to attempt walking normally, then provide a walking frame with wheels. This will provide the stability they need while allowing them to perform the familiar motion. This can be introduced with the go signal of their doctor or physical therapist.

Aids for daily living will improve quality of life for their users.

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