Vintage Brooches Sparkles Again

Antique brooches add a vintage appeal to whatever is worn, and these make for a good fashion statement if you want to incorporate individuality with the clothes worn. They come in Old English design patterns, usually from the Victorian Age; and their seal of authenticity is usually determined by the original marks found at the back of the brooches, stating the date they were made. It would seem truly surreal to get an antique item for as little dollars, but vintage brooches are genuine dated many centuries ago are truly affordable. They are the most affordable antique items you can ever get your hands on today.

Vintage brooches are unique not only because they are miniature works of art that can be paired up with whatever you are wearing, but also because they cannot be easily duplicated. With so many modern-looking, fake jewelry strewn about in the market these days, having a vintage brooch makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest of the world. To be able to own something unique is probably the main reason why many people are going for vintage brooches recently as gifts for others.

Guess what, brooches aren’t just for old ladies anymore! Brooches come in all sizes and shapes, and it is up to you to select which design or gem you want to have in your brooch. It all depends to whom you’re giving the gift to. Consider the age of the person you are giving the gift to before buying the brooch. A young girl can try a vintage brooch in the form of her favorite animal – a cat, dog, or horse.

A teenager can try a vintage brooch in the latest fashion colors or the latest trends in fashion. And for a girlfriend, it could be a vintage gold and diamond brooch. If you plan to give a mature person like mom or grandmother, they would probably want something homey. They will be delighted with a vintage brooch in the form of a bunch or basket of flowers or even a single rose. Note that a flower brooch will last so much longer than a bunch of flowers and your gift will be appreciated.

Brooches present an element of focal interest while they also give a cool vintage vibe. As something ages, it’s worth increases – the same is true with vintage brooches. They are incessantly worn by many individuals ever since the Romans knew how to make jewelry but only now are they realizing the worth of vintage jewelry.

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