Using Past GCSE English Exam Papers For Revision

English is one of the most difficult subjects to revise for because, strictly speaking, there are no correct answers you can learn. Instead you are required to bring critical thinking and your knowledge of literary devices to bear on a text that is provided in the exam as well as producing some original writing.

One of the best revision techniques is to use past GCSE English exam papers. You can sit the paper under exam conditions and see how well you perform by having someone assess your answers. Past exams will give you an idea of the type of questions you may be asked and are a good way to check how well prepared you are.

For example, you may know what you need to write, but are unsure about whether you can write it when the pressure is on during an actual exam. By taking a past exam you can practice structuring essay answers within the time limit imposed by exam conditions. It will help you practice planning your answer, starting and finishing essays, quoting source material, presenting ideas clearly and avoid typical spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

Past GCSE English exam papers are available on a number of websites that provide help for students sitting the GCSE English exam. You should download a few of the past exams and practice answering the questions on them. At the beginning you might consider using study notes to help you form your arguments and present them clearly when you take the exam. Once you become more confident you should take a practice exam under the same conditions that will apply when you take the real exam and finish it within the allotted time period.

To see how well you have done and to identify areas in which you need to make improvements you should find someone to mark the exam. Ideally this should be an English teacher or tutor that is familiar with what the examiners are looking for and that can assess your work based on the marking scheme that will be used in the real exam.

They will provide an objective view of your performance and will tell you what marks you might expect from your answers. Most importantly, they will identify any shortcomings that are apparent in your work and will be able to tell you where you need to improve and specific things you can do as part of your revision process that will get you the best results.

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