Using Kraft Paper Straws Instead Of Plastic

By now, everyone knows just how bad our oceans are because of the volume of waste products that end up in waterways. Plastics are particularly problematic because they do not decompose right away. It could take over 100 years before these break down so they end up clogging sewers and creating floating waste islands. Many of these plastics get mistaken for food by marine life. Animals choke to death because of them. It’s a big problem but even small businesses and individuals can do their part in reducing the environmental damage. One way is to switch to eco-friendly food containers, utensils, and Kraft paper straws. Keep the following in mind when buying new straws:


A lot of people will raise their eyebrows at the thought of using paper for their straws. Won’t it get mushy when you submerge it in liquids? Not necessarily. If you can find a high quality product, then this will not be a problem. You can leave the straw for hours without any noticeable structural degradation. Since most of us will finish our drinks within minutes, we should not encounter issues while enjoying our beverage. Look for 3-ply straws to be sure. These will have the strength to last for a long time.


The straws are long sheets of paper that have been wrapped around several times to increase wall diameter for enhanced rigidity. Glue prevents everything from coming undone. The quality of the adhesive should be top notch to make the paper stick. It should also be non-toxic given its intended use. The product must meet or even exceed the standards set by the FDA for food safety. Look for certifications on the label. The ink and the paper itself should also pass similar criteria.


Don’t stop at using paper straws. Make sure that the paper came from sustainable sources. See where they harvest their paper and make sure that they replace all of the trees that they cut down. All of the materials should also be 100% biodegradable since that is the whole point of shifting from plastic to paper.


Some of these Kraft paper straws might have a foul smell because of poor quality materials or manufacturing processes. Read the reviews to find feedback on smell because customers and guests will not appreciate having to use stinky straw for their drinks. Buy only after you are sure that the product will not disappoint.

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