Unique Hens Party Ideas London To Try Out

A hen party does not have to specifically be about going out, drinking. You can decide to stay at home with your girls with fun activities. With the overwhelming atmosphere of wedding planning and your tight budget, you can think of something creative and cheap to do at home or a less costly place. One of the benefits of holding the party at home is the freedom to do whatever you want. It will also save you a lot of money. With that said, here are unique hens party ideas London you can try out to have a fun night.


This is one of the best and fun things you can do during the or day. Be creative and choose a model for life drawing. They are all over, and you can get one at a cheap cost. The best thing is that they come to your home, bring you sketching materials, and serve you with whatever you need. Funny art will fill the night with laughter and memories to keep.

Hiring a Psychic

You can entertain your girls or guest with a psychic. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, a psychic can be a fun way of keeping the guests laughing or engaged. After having a few drinks, have a psychic to predict the future of the people around. This is thrilling and fun at the same time. However, you will need to have other activities planned since most come for about two hours only.

Wine Tasting and Flower Crowns

You can grab the opportunity of wine tasting during this time. Considering that it is an activity that is rarely done at home, a hens party ideas London offers an ideal chance. Instead of hiring a professional, have friends over and do it yourself. Try out different types while having fun. Another perfect thing you can do is making flower crowns. Look for beautiful flowers and other items required. This will cost you a few coins, and you will have something memorable.


There is a plethora of options when it comes to choosing hen party activities. Go through some of the things you can afford to keep your night active. Some of the mentioned activities like drawing, hiring a psychic, wine tasting, and flower crowns are some of the best. Make sure the activities you choose are creative and fun. Since the day or night is long, choose various activities to do.

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