Understanding The Rationale Behind The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

The biggest advantage that the Thomas Kilmann conflict mode instrument offers is that it transforms conflicts from vague, intangible, and complicated issues into a simple concept that arises due to temporary or transient divergence of interests. Why conflicts occur?

Different people will have different answers to this question. However, one common thread in all answers would be— divergence of interest. From children to large nations, conflicts arise when our interests, desires, and wishes are not in sync with others. This is the reason why we end up in conflicts, and the easiest and simplest way to resolve conflicts is to understand the cause behind the problem.

What the conflict mode instrument is that it helps us understand our own approach towards conflicts. This characteristic of the instrument is another significant factor that facilitates resolution. The underlying message here is that the solution to any conflict lies within us. If we take the onus to end the divergence of interest, then conflicts will automatically come to an end.

Of course, the process of resolving the divergence may vary, which is what the instrument is all about. You can be assertive and emphasize why your approach, process, and desires are preferable to and better than those of other individuals.

Or, you can adopt a cooperative approach and try to modify your preferences and desires to bring it in sync with others. Or, you can rely on a third-party arbitrator for identifying the best way to bring divergent interests into sync with each other.

Once the cause of all conflicts is identified, then the process of resolution becomes a lot easier. Treating every conflict as a unique phenomenon without parallel anywhere in the world will always lead to more complications. When we assume that the problem that we are facing is unique and is without parallel, then no third-party can interfere in the process and contribute to its resolution in a meaningful manner.

However, if a problem faced by two individuals has the same underlying cause as problems faced by other individuals, groups, communities, or even countries, then the process followed by such other parties can easily be modified and applied to the conflict in question.

It would be incorrect to say that the instrument is a sure short formula to resolve all conflicts. The instrument itself acknowledges that effective resolution is possible only when those involved in the conflict try to either get along with each other or choose to avoid each other. The instrument merely serves as a platform that can be used by those interested in ending conflicts in an informed and scientific manner.

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