Types Of Oriental Painting Online Users Can Buy

When it comes to buying an oriental painting online users such as yourself have many options to choose from. Before you buy these types of paintings, you’ll want to know what a few popular pieces are. With that said, some examples of oriental paintings you should think about getting are:

Landscape Paintings

You can purchase landscape paintings online. Landscape oriental paintings can include paintings of boats, buildings, mountains, and rivers. Other popular types of paintings are of waterfalls, palaces, and cows. No matter what the subject is of an oriental landscape painting, you will be impressed with it.

Here’s a tip, consider what kind of landscapes you’re typically a fan of. Then, compare paintings and what kind of subjects are among the landscape. For example, you might want to get a painting of a famous Chinese mountain range that features cows in the mountains.

Birds & Flowers

Another popular kind of painting is Chinese birds and flower paintings. These paintings will feature birds and flowers, with some paintings featuring one bird or several birds. You could also get a piece that has butterflies in it, as well as colorful flowers. These paintings will make you feel relaxed as you stare at gorgeous flowers and/or birds.

Figure Paintings

Oriental figure paintings can include many kinds of figures. For example, you can find paintings of famous people who once lived in Ancient China. Such people include women, emperors, and warriors to name a few. If you’re a fan of figure paintings and you want to have a unique painting, then consider getting an oriental figure painting.

Fish Paintings

For those who like water and/or fishes will want to get their hands on oriental fish artwork. As the name suggests, these pieces will feature fishes within them. China’s waters are home to many species of fish, all of which range in size.


Finally, there are animal paintings of all kinds of animals found in China, as well as folk legend. There are paintings of dragons and phoenixes. Then there are bears, pandas, eagles and hawk paintings. Even if the animals aren’t native to China, there will still be an oriental element to it.

Those are a few examples of oriental painting online you can purchase over the internet. Feel free to purchase just a single piece of artwork or buy many so you can start a collection or just to breathe life into your home.

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