Two Useful Tips For The Spot The Ball For Cash UK Game

Spot The Ball For Cash UK is probably the simplest example of how mankind is just simply in love with brainteasers. A whole industry has come around this game that involves a photo of a football match with the ball deleted from the picture. All the game’s participants have to do is spot the ball. If you do it right, then you are obviously going to stand a chance of winning lots of goodies.

While the cash prize and the opportunity to buy other goodies may be a strong motivator, there is no denying that people love this game merely because it gives them a chance to exercise their grey cells. If you are keen on playing this game as a mental challenge, then you need to keep the following pointers in mind.

Remember the Photo is a 2D Image

Many persons end up never getting the answer right because they simply forget that the photo that you see on your screen is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional reality event. The third dimension i.e. depth is impossible to capture in a photograph. The absence of this dimension will have to be considered and compensated for when finalizing your answer.

It may seem as if the person is staring right at his feet. However, the ball may actually be adjacent and the person may actually be viewing the ball at a completely different angle despite it seeming as if he or she is looking towards the feet.

So, you need keep in mind that the photo can give only so many clues, and, that beyond a point, you will have to make a calculated and educated guess yourself. This will ensure you don’t waste time trying to over analyze the photo.

Avoid the Brute Force Method

A computer trying to crack a six letter password using the brute force method will simply try all existing six letter combinations of words and numbers in the world. The password has to be one of the existing combinations, right? Well, this may get the job done but this is the crudest way of cracking a password.

The same logic applies to spotting the ball as well. There are a finite set of spots where the ball can exist on the photo. Simply marking all the spots on the photo and praying for luck to work in your favor is not a smart way to approach this game.

A person who is just interested in the cash may resort to this method. Somebody who wants to tickle his brain cells must be prepared to work harder.

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