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When it comes to Trial Services in Orlando, the place, the days and the hours when the damaged things are available for the expertise useful for ascertaining the damage.

In case, however, of injuries suffered by drivers. The request must indicate the age, the activity and the income of the injured, the extent of the injuries suffered and present a declaration regarding the possible payment of benefits by institutions that manage mandatory social insurance.

The medical attestation proving the successful recovery, with or without permanent post-mortem. The possible medical-legal advice of part, accompanied by the indication of the remuneration due to the professional. How long does the company have to respond to the compensation claim?

If the damaged party is correct, in whole or in part, the Company will communicate a compensation offer, at different times depending on the case. If the request for compensation received is complete with all the information necessary for the assessment of the damage and complies with the requirements established by law, the Company is obliged to respond with a compensation offer.

Within 30 days for damage to the vehicle and to property if the Blue Form has been signed by both drivers (or insured) of the vehicles involved. Within 60 days for damage to the vehicle and to property if the Blue Module is not equipped with a double signature. Within 90 days for damage to the driver’s person. The repayment amount is calculated using a special formula provided for by law, which is determined taking into account the percentage points of biological damage and the age of the injured person.

If the compensation claim is not complete or in compliance with the law, within 30 days of receipt, the Company will have to request the necessary additions. The terms for its liquidation will be suspended until all the missing data is sent.

If the damages do not fall under the direct compensation procedure, the Company, within 30 days of receiving the request for compensation, is required to communicate, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, the reasons for the exclusion of the procedure from the procedure. In these cases, the same Company will forward the request of its insured to the Manager’s Insurance Company.

How long are you compensated?

In the event that the damaged party accepts the compensation proposal put forward by his company, the payment must proceed within the following 15 days. To always know what to do to correctly activate the procedure, consult the Trial Services in Orlando.

The report of an accident must be made within three days in any case, it is always better to present it as soon as possible. Remember that the complaint is mandatory even if you are wrong.

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