Top Reasons To Book A Family Villa In Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city to explore slowly. The city may have a wide option of hotels, hostels, and apartments, but staying at a family villa in Barcelona can give you the most authentic experience that no other accommodation can give. Read on to know why renting a villa in Barcelona is one of the best things you can do.

Live like a local

Renting a villa allows you to experience Barcelona as locals experience it. Step outside your villa and you can immediately immerse yourself in the charms of your local neighborhood and even stop by for chats with your neighbors. You might even pick up a few Spanish phrases or two in the next few days of your stay. It also allows you to discover what makes your particular neck of the woods unique. If you are after authenticity and knowing a city from the inside out, booking a villa and living like a local is the way to go.

Cheaper cost of living

Living in a villa allows you to do almost everything by yourself. For one, you can cook your own meals, do your own laundry and handle the cleaning by yourself. All these are services you pay for if you stayed in a hotel or a serviced apartment. Doing so also allows you to stock your own kitchen so you have access to home-cooked meals at any time of the day.

More space for comfort

Barcelona hotels tend to be small and cramped unless you are willing to splurge on an expensive room in an international chain. Villas generally offer more room to do just about anything. You are also likely to have a patio and a yard, which means plenty of space for outdoor activities like al fresco dinners or fireside chats with friends.

Better for large groups

A villa is a no-brainer if you are traveling as a large group. A villa is often large enough to accommodate groups of 5 or larger. Even if there are too many people and not enough beds, you can still save on accommodation expenses by having the others sleep on the couch in the living room, on the swing by the veranda, or even on the floor. Barcelona evenings are usually mild so there’s no reason not to have a good night’s sleep anywhere in the house.

A family villa in Barcelona offers more than just space, comfort and a place to put your bags down. Get to know the city from a local’s perspective and enjoy a truly unique experience by booking a villa today.

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