Top 6 Best Parenting Jobs

Working parents find it quite hard to get the right job that can enable them to juggle their families and work. The good news is that are multiple parenting jobs that allow parents to strike a balance between work and life. These jobs don’t just offer a good salary, but they also offer flexible hours as well. Here are the top 6 best parenting jobs that are suitable for working parents.


Dietitians normally work in health facilities and other organizations. They primarily advise people what to eat and what not to eat, to enable them to achieve specific health goals. Dietitians guide people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet. They can be self- employed, making a dietitian a suitable work option for parents seeking to create flexible, working schedules.


The job entails pouring over tables and charts, as well as analyzing data. It is a perfect job option for parents since you can work from your living room, office or any place you please. It is particularly a great parenting job since it enables the parent to work while keeping an eye on their little ones.

Research & development engineer

Working as a research & development engineer can give parents huge flexibility. The parenting job is also attributed to low-stress levels. Better still, one can still work from virtually anywhere and anytime.

Delivery drive or ridesharing

With the emergence of several driving services, there are tons of employment opportunities for drivers. Therefore parents can join these services and provide deliveries or rides around schedules that suit their parenting needs. The only requirement for this great parenting job is a valid driving license.

Research scientist

Research scientists enjoy high salaries of approximately $77,700 annually. Parents striving to become research scientists stand to enjoy flexible working schedules. Again, working as a research scientist is low stress, allowing parents to strike a balance between working and parenting.

Business intelligence analyst

The job entails using skills that are crucial for good parenting, such as enabling communication between various departments in an organization. The job is an excellent choice for parents with a wealth of experience helping businesses solve their problems. It offers high flexibility and good compensation.

Many best parenting jobs enable parents to strike a balance between work and parenting. While choosing a suitable parenting job, choose a job that offers high flexibility and compensation, while allowing you to concentrate on parenting.

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