Tips On Choosing Color Contacts

Color contact lens is made to enable you to change the color of your eyes as they enhance your appearance. People used these contacts for various reasons; others use them for cosmetic reasons and achieving better and subtle looks, while others would want to attain a particular crazy look to perform their roles. For either reason, you should ensure you choose the right ones for your purpose; your eye color will be the primary determinant for what you will choose; there are color contacts for dark eyes and color contacts for light eyes. The tints available should guide you in getting the right color to achieve what you desired. Here is a guide to help you go about the whole process by evaluating the tints:

The visibility tint

As the name suggests, it is majorly in light blue or green tint added to the contact lens to enable one to see it when inserting it in the eyes or when it falls; you can quickly identify them. They are always faint, and they rarely affect the standard color of your eyes; therefore, these do not have any effect on your eyes.

Enhancement tint

It is made to be solid but a little translucent that one can see through them; this tint is a bit darker when compared to the visibility one. Their primary purpose is to enhance the eye’s natural color; these are the best contacts for people with light-colored eyes and work towards achieving a more vibrant color for their eyes. Sometimes it isn’t easy to notice someone wearing these contacts, for they look more like natural eye color, not unless you are keen and conversant with these contacts.

Opaque tint

It is entirely non-transparent, and they have been made to ensure that the color of your eyes changes altogether. Therefore if you are on the look of color contacts for dark eyes, consider a lens with this tint. Considering they are available in many different colors such as hazel, honey, green, blue, brown, and any other color you would want to use in changing your eye color altogether. They are the tints used for contacts people wear for situations like Halloween, among different crazy looks.


When you master the color of your eyes, you will have a good time choosing the best color contacts that suits your eyes and the situation. It is advisable always to consult your doctor before you make moves in inserting the contacts; they should check your condition and even suggest what to get you.

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