The Ultimate Guide To Protecting Patio Furniture With Covers

Living in the best-designed home is the ideal way to improve the lifestyle of the household members. Florida-based patio designers understand that the subtropical climate in this region is one of the key determinants of selecting outdoor furniture. Much of the Florida state experiences mild winters and hot sunny summers. The best thing about the subtropical climate is that it comes with steady temperatures throughout the year, making outdoor living more enjoyable. But it is good to invest in high-quality Florida patio furniture covers to stand the test of climate. Here is what you should know about patio furniture covers designed for subtropical living.

Is Patio Furniture Cover Necessary?

Outdoor furniture ought to stand up to nature’s worst aspects including searing heat, rain, and the brilliant sun of Florida summer. If low-grade materials are exposed to weather, they don’t last for more than two seasons, making homeowners waste their money every year. Florida patio furniture deserves optimal protection from external elements. Outdoor chairs, tables, and benches should be covered all the time when no one is using them. The risk of exposing those seats to storms just before the snow falls can be detrimental. After enjoying a barbecue outside the house, homeowners should take the responsibility of slipping the covers back. While it seems like an arduous task, it helps to extend the life span of those outdoor furniture pieces. Furniture covers are also a great way to reduce expenses and time spent on cleaning sprays or replacing pillows and cushions.

What are the Best Covers for Patio Furniture?

The best covers safeguard patio sets from climatic shocks year-round. They are designed with the finest materials that withstand any extremities of changing weather. Durable and lightweight fabric such as nylon, polyurethane, and polyester preserve the appearance and quality of patio furniture. These materials hardly fray and are perfect for covering teak, metallic, vinyl, wood, and rattan furniture pieces. They do a great job at shield outdoor properties from rain, snow, and hot sun. Cheap covers to avoid include those made from vinyl and plastic.

In a tropical region like Southern Florida, property owners must equip their outdoor furniture with the right covers to stand up against humidity, hot sun, and storms. The best patio furniture covers are well ventilated and water-resistant. Since the humidity levels tend to be relatively high, it is important to regularly check the furniture for mold and mildew. A proper cleaning routine helps to combat such problems. It also pays to keep outdoor pillows and cushions away from weather elements when they are not in use.

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