The Strippers Den

 You want them wholeheartedly, but you hesitate to reach out. You know where to find them, but you hold back. Let me tell you something, my friend. If you want something, go for it without looking back.

If you decide to visit the strip club, play to the rules or get into trouble. Are you shocked by that statement? Relax; I will break it down for you.

When hiring a stripper at a strip club, ask a critical question like, “am I allowed touch you”. Some private party firms have strict standards and may even send security to accompany the women to ensure that the rule is enforced.

Some strippers will allow you to touch them, while others will resist and restrain you at all costs. Those that allow you to touch them,  may do so for extra tips. But don’t use that opportunity to go overboard.

 The woman may appear to want to be touched during the dance, but don’t assume. Ask questions. If she insists touching is not allowed, ask her, “Why can’t you touch strippers?” She may be in the perfect position to give you the right answer.

Strippers may allow you to touch them by placing your hands on their bodies. In such circumstances, be a gentleman and not overdo things. Let her direct you as you get into the mood. Remember, if you go overboard without her consent, it is trouble. 

Strippers are more inclined to let a respectable man touch them than a man who makes them feel insecure. As a result, being a gentleman may be sufficient.

Even if they don’t give you any reasons why you shouldn’t touch a them, don’t make your own rules; you might not like the results.

And don’t be bent on getting an answer for “Why you can’t touch a stripper”. Some strippers may choose to ignore. Instead ask the management; they might be in a better place to answer such questions.

 Strippers have boundaries, and if you truly want to have a good time with these females, you must not violate them.

Strippers are human beings and should be treated as such. They should be considered entertainers and performers rather than sex objects or hookers.

 Don’t look down on a stripper with contempt or go ahead to touch her inappropriately without her permission. Most of them are respectable ladies who try to make ends meet.

 Treat them right when next you go to the strip club. Know more about strippers here.

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