The Perfect Gift: Curated Luxury Gift Boxes.

Buying the perfect gift for friends and family is not easy. You want your gift to be affordable yet memorable but unique; that’s not easy to do. curated luxurious gift boxes do seem like the perfect solution to the problem, but where do you find unique gifts like these?

Let’s find out.

Websites: The internet is the best place to find any kind of gift. Luxury items, in particular, are available according to custom requirements on specialty websites. For example, makeup websites create custom boxes that will contain body lotions, body butters, and shampoos made from organic ingredients and scented with custom-made fragrances. For a small extra fee, these websites will also allow you to pick and choose handmade products for your loved ones. Other than makeup and bath products, you will also find clothing websites that will create luxurious gift boxes with accessories like earrings, handbags and scarves and wallets for women. For men, the choices may include custom bath products, leather accessories and food products. Brewery and distillery gift boxes are popular with men as well and they may contain coffee-flavored liqueurs, serving glasses, cocktail accessories etc. The choices are endless through online shopping and we recommend searching through as many websites as possible to find something that will really make the recipient happy.

Local stores: If you don’t like buying online, local stores are your next option. Small stores that specialize in custom products like artisanal food, deli favorites, or clothing are usually happy to create gift boxes if the order is large enough. Brunch boxes containing local organic produce or preserves, local cheeses, samples of handmade granola, unique spreads, etc. are perfect as gifts. Snack boxes or lunch boxes are another hot trend at present. If a local store specializes in snack or gourmet dish, they usually offer make-it-yourself/ recipe-with-ingredients gift packs that are ideal.

Department stores: Chain stores have a huge stock of gift items and they offer the best deals. You can choose from readymade packs or select items from their curated gift list to build your own gift set. Pricing at large department stores is also the most competitive if you are buying in bulk.

Experiential gifts: These are a current and very hot trend. The box is just a receptacle for adventure tours, wine tasting invitations, romantic getaways, etc. If the company does not have the gift item you are looking for, inquire about specialty orders.

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