The Importance Of Testosterone Therapy

The male body usually produces a lot of compounds that serve different types of functions in the body. One of the most important, however is testosterone. This male sex hormone is usually produced in the testicles at puberty. The hormone usually stimulates production of sperms in the body. It also stimulates rapid muscle growth. The hormone also increases bone density and boosts endurance. It also stimulates hair growth in the groin, underarms, face and chest among other areas.

At the age of 30 years, or thereabouts, natural testosterone production usually declines. This often leads to a number of problems. For instance, balding usually occurs as a result of low t-levels. Muscle mass may also reduce as body fat increases. Most men may also experience erectile dysfunction, low libido and reduced sexual stamina among other things. Obviously, these are unwanted changes that any man would not want to experience. Below are benefits of testosterone therapy:

i) Boosts Libido and Treats Erectile Dysfunction

If you have low t-levels, you will most likely experience low libido, poor stamina and erectile dysfunction. The only way to reverse these changes is to go for testosterone therapy. During therapy, a doctor prescribes an injection of low-dose testosterone administered either weekly, every two weeks or monthly, or as prescribed by the doctor.

ii) Restore Muscle Mass

As noted above, muscle mass usually starts to disappear at the age of 30 years, or thereabouts. Fortunately, testosterone replacement therapy can help to restore your muscle mass and density. As a result, your energy levels and moods will also improve considerably. If you want to boost your muscle mass and body strength, you should consider going for therapy.

iii) Prevent Hair Loss

Low t-levels can lead to hair loss. This means that as you approach the age of 30 years, you may start experiencing hair loss or balding. The moment you hit age 30 years, you should have regular health checks. During the medical exam, the testosterone levels in your blood should also be checked. If you have low t-levels, you should go for therapy to restore your t-levels. Most doctors will recommend testosterone replacement if you have lower than normal t-levels.

Please note that testosterone replacement alone will not yield the desired results. You also have to eat well and exercise regularly. This will help to ensure you get the best possible outcomes during the therapy. Be sure to also maintain a healthy weight level.

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