The Eco-Friendly Keep A Cup Reusable Cups

There have been many studies that indicate the benefits of using reusable cups. Keep A Cup is one brand that makes it possible to reduce the amount of plastic and paper cups going into the landfill. It may seem that being biodegradable, a paper cup is more eco-friendly. However, more than 20 million trees are cut down every year around the world just to produce paper cups. The devastation it causes is not so obvious because trees are cut in areas away from the cities but its impact can be felt in other ways. Paper cups are put through various chemical and other processes to make them sterile, strong and usable. Additionally, these cups are lined with non-biodegradable plastic materials, defeating the purpose of using a paper cup.

Styrofoam cups are quite popular as a takeaway container but these cops are more damaging to the environment than the paper cups. The plastic used to make this material does not degrade easily. The throwaway culture means more than 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured every year. Once used, these cups require a dedicated waste collection system but that is missing at most places around the world. Once a disposable cup has been put with other household and commercial wastes, it is difficult to separate it and put it through proper recycling process. The cup is already dirty and soiled and difficult to recycle. After getting mixed with other wastes, it becomes more difficult to process it for the recycling. This type of recycling requires proper waste separation at source and special waste recycling factory. Such waste disposal setup and infrastructure are not present at most places. The end result is that all such disposable cups end up in the landfills. It has a devastating effect on the local environment.

Disposable cups are not used at home so why use it at other places? Keep A Cup helps avoid use of disposable cups. It promotes reuse and sustainability. Over the years, it has helped avoid dumping of more than 3.5 billion disposable cups in the landfills. These cups can be used for more than three years and then safely recycled. Such a cup weighs only 86 grams and helps avoid using 2.7 kilograms of disposable cups in three years. It is durable, lightweight and easy to clean.

These cups are available in various colour combinations. There are a few size options. The company offers some accessories like lid, band, cup, glass cup, reusable straw and straw cleaner. Tote bags to carry four pieces of these cups can be purchased in attractive colours. More and more people now prefer the use of reusable cups. Every bit counts and helps reduce the amount of wastes going into the landfills.

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