The Different Head Lice Removal Options

Head Lice Removal is the process of removing the lice in the hair. The problem is more common with children; however, adults may also get lice in head. There are different methods available for lice removal. One way is to use medicines and prescription insecticides. However, for younger children often, it is not the best option as you do not want to use chemicals on the young ones. Sometimes lice show more resilience to the chemical treatment that any other method. One way to remove the head lice is to use the home remedies that are a popular option and free from any harmful chemicals.

The first method starts even before one gets the lice. Prevention is better than cure, so if you have young school-going children, keep their heads clean. Shampoo the kids regularly, so the children do not pick lice from other children. Even if you notice your child has head lice, it is not a time to panic, and you should take some steps to remove the lice and stop them from spreading. One problem with head lice is that these pests can lay eggs in the head and can grow in number fast!

One of the best and traditional way is a combination of nitpicking and combing. You carefully comb each section of the hair, using a nit comb. It will catch the lice, and if you are at the early stage of head lice removal, this process will eliminate all the mites.

Another way that is easy to implement is to apply thick olive oil on the hair. The olive oil spreads over the head and suffocates the lice. Apply the oil and cover the head with a cap. Let it rest for a couple of hours. Use the nitpick comb on your hair, and you will see the lice coming off. Olive oil makes it difficult for the mites to hold on to the hair shafts making it easier for you to remove them.

If these home remedies give no result, instead of going for commercial products, first visit your family doctor. He can alternatively help you with the selection of lice removal shampoos. The doctor will help you to get a product that does not have adverse reactions, especially if you have specific allergies. All pest control chemicals are only useful if you take them under your doctor’s prescription.

With all these methods, you will remove the head lice in a short time.

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