The Best Ways To Wear Drag Queen Costumes

While it’s easy for a girl to dress up like a man, when guys want to dress up as drug queens, there is a little more tweaking that’s involved. Sometimes the costumes may not match or the dress may be too tight. So, how can you wear drag queen costumes?


The best way to wear drag queen costumes is to choose the right clothes that match your looks. Since you can get drug clothing from almost anywhere and spruce them up, it’s important to choose the clothes that match your wigs. This will provide you with the best look.


Whether you are looking for a lace front or not, there are a variety of wigs in different colors, price points, and quality. Ideally, there are all types of wigs. If you want them professionally styled, be ready to spend more. Although you can get a cheap plastic wig, it will not only look horrible but frightening as well regardless of how you style it. The general rule is: the more you pay, the better the wig will be.

Boobs And Body

You also need to get yourself a bra and some boobs. Since boobs will give you a waistline, if you add your hip pads, it will create for you an hourglass shape. More so, if you want that real feminine beauty queen illusion, you need to embrace proportions.


This is where it helps to have a drag queen friend. Although there are numerous drag makeup tutorials, you still need a helping hand. Either way, you need to know what you want, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure. When it comes to makeup, you need to cover your eyebrows so that you can draw them with makeup. Instead of using the normal makeup, buy one from the drag queen store.

Wear Stocking

If you want to cover your hairy legs, you should wear stockings, preferably dark ones. You can also try out fishnet style stocking which looks great with the drag queen look. To complete the look you need to strap on your high heels


Well, the above highlighted are the best ways to wear drag queen costumes. And regardless of whether you take these tips or not, you must remember to have fun and do not forget the final touches and these are the things that will set you apart.

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