The Best Travel – Friendly Bag – Rattan Bag

A rattan bag is crafted from bamboo or handwoven straw. Originated from Indonesia and Bali, these straw bags are usually available in a standard circular pattern. The interiors of these woven bags are lined with fabric on either side to prevent your goodies from falling out. Most of these basket – style bags feature a built-in woven clasp that is enclosed around the button. However, some bags have the option of a leather clasp with a stud. Rattan bags can be a fantastic travel accessory. To know what makes them a perfect a travel- friendly bag, read the guide below.

1: Compact cross body travel bag

A perfect travel accessory for a beach vacation or trips, these uniquely crafted cross body bags are compact enough to store your phone, sunglasses, chapstick, passport, wallet, or any other necessities that you may require during a long flight, a night out or even a day at the museum. Also, most of these cross body Bali bags have long leather straps that allow you to wear it across your body to provide extra security whenever you venture through sidewalks, subway stations and scenic vistas alike.

2: Trendy Travel Bag:

If you are a fashionista and are looking to carry a travel bag that can accentuate your outfits, the handwoven rattan round bag would be an ideal choice. This eco – friendly travel bag can be worn along with classic accessories like gold earring and ballet flats and adds a touch of elegance when worn with any type of outfit, from denim to dresses. Moreover, the neutral color of these bags makes them an ideal choice to be worn with your patterned wardrobe such as your favorite flannel, leopard print sunglasses, and paisley sundress without having to choose between them.

3: A Travel Bag with Cross-culture Appeal

When traveling to different countries, you must be cautious of their norms, culture, and beliefs. While we all have the right to freedom of expression, it is also essential that you respect the people and the land you visit. Fortunately, rattan bags are one of those fashionable yet refined travel bags that blend easily with different cultures and also help you make a style statement.

If you are wanderlust and are looking forward to planning your next exciting trip, carrying a reliable, stylish rattan bag alongside will help you pack fashionably and travel light, no matter where your destination is next.

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