The Best Office Tables

Office tables are made to fit many needs. You can have tables that serve to support or raise to usable height important office equipment such as copiers, faxes, scanners, printers, and overhead projectors. Also, there are tables used for conferencing, training, dining for lunchrooms, and general use.

Businesses operate offices that are responsible for several activities that facilitate the business operations resulting in meeting the needs of the consumer.

Pedestal white board tables have laminate surfaces that are easy to clean and serve as a location for presentations that require the discussion of written information.

Conference tables come in many different shapes. Square, circular, oval, and rectangular are the most common shapes. One immensely popular shape is the “racetrack” shape, essentially a rectangular oval that comes in different lengths: 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet or more. Round conference tables come in varying circumferences. These tables require larger rooms as they must accommodate both wider tables with the addition of comfortable chairs. Circular conference tables begin at radiuses of as little as 42 inches to seat four adults and grow to reach radiuses of up to whatever the custom request is. They can be custom made to seat as many participants as needed.

Worktables can be designed to meet the needs of the office. For instance, a worktable can support one piece of office equipment such as a master printer for many different computers. That same table may support separate printers that receive data from many different points of origin. It may also be a central location for fax, copy, and scanning machines. If the machines conduct multiple functions, it may simply support machines that do everything: fax, copy, print, and scan.

Training tables are narrow and long facilitating the teaching of the business to interns and the newly employed. They are narrow so that the student doesn’t have too much distance between them and the teacher. They are long to accommodate many students using a single table. Depending on the length, a single training table will seat three to four individuals.

Dining tables for office lunchrooms. These tables will be made in a variety of shapes from circular to square to rectangular. The shape depends on the size of the lunchroom and the number of people they serve. In these instances, the office table needs to have a surface that can sanitarily be cleaned and will not easily be burned or scratched.

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