The Advantages Of Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

Alfalfa is one of those weird plants that, while it has some definite nutritional value, is better known for the advantages it gives farmers. An alfalfa crop can fix nitrogen in a field, making it an incredible crop to plant while the field lies otherwise fallow. If planted with another crop, alfalfa attracts enough predatory insects to help protect the other crop from more harmful insects, as well as bees to help make sure all of the plants are properly pollinated. Suffice to say that for farmers with apiaries it makes a great plant. As such a lot of farmers are looking for organic alfalfa sprouting seeds.

When Monsanto started pushing its Roundup products, it included seed of a number of different species, including alfalfa. While Roundup is a great weedkiller, as it can be spayed on a field of plants including the weeds and plants to be protected and kill only the weeds, it does have some serious drawbacks: It requires a genetically modified plant in order to succeed and that plant does not have legacy seeds. Roundup requires that the plants be immune to its effects or it will kill all the plants it touches; without that it does as much harm as it does good.

Also, the plants have doubly modified: Not only are they immune to Roundup’s effects they also do not generally bear viable seed. That is, rather than being able to keep some of the crop back to be planted the next planting season and so use that legacy seed to effectively gain a discount on seed or even sell the seed for a profit, a farmer must buy the same amount of seed each season. Given the cost of seed and the low margins most farms operate under that means that the lack of legacy seed has created some issues for farmers, making non-modified seeds important in order to make sure that farms are run with the same profitability as they used to be run with.

All of this means that there is a definite need for organic alfalfa sprouting seed. As there are concerns with genetically modified seeds as well as the profitability of farms based on those modifications, farmers are looking for non-modified seed. As consumers are also looking for products that have not been genetically modified, that fulfills that need as well. Given the health benefits of alfalfa as well as the advantages it brings to farming in general, this is one plant that needs to be available in its original form, and it is well worth the search.

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