Testosterone Therapy: Enhance Your Sex Drive

Testosterone therapy has been found to be an effective solution to decreased libido in men. Low libido refers to disinterest in sexual activity. Sex drive is generally the result of a combination of personal, physical and relationship factors. Interest in sex differs from one person to another and may change as per an individual’s circumstances. Some men may be fine with a low sex drive, but for some, a sudden drop in sexual desire can be a cause of concern. In such a case, consulting a doctor is advised.

Reasons for Decreased Libido

Stress – Stress can wreck havoc on your body’s hormones and lead to low desire. The arteries can become narrow and the blood flow may be restricted causing erectile dysfunction.

Depression – You may not feel sexual desire when you are depressed. Depression alters the biochemistry of an individual, which causes a reduction in interest in sex.

Poor self-esteem – Someone with low confidence and unhealthy body image is not likely to be interested in sex.

Alcohol – Too much of alcohol can cause fatigue and lead to low sex drive.

Less sleep – When you have not slept well, it can raise your cortisal levels which in turn can lead to low libido.

Drugs – Some medicines that are used to treat high blood pressure, depression and a host of other common ailments may also lead to sexual dysfunction.

Hormonal imbalance – The Testosterone therapy in the body has an influence on the libido. Other reasons for hormonal imbalance can include pituitary conditions or cirrhosis of the liver.

Health – Serious health issues can suppress testosterone levels and lead to low sex drive.

Compatibility with spouse – Relationship issues can create distance between a couple and they are less likely to indulge in sex.

Hectic schedule – sometimes couples are so busy that sex goes out of the window. Lack of sex overtime can lead to low drive.

A sudden, unexpected loss of libido can indicate an underlying medical or lifestyle problem. If you are worried about your reduced sex drive, consult your doctor and get the required treatment.

Treatment for Decreased Libido

Treatment for low libido depends on the reason for the condition. For some men, adopting a healthier lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and/or limiting alcohol, can help resolve the problem. Some other treatment methods include switching medications, treating an underlying condition, testosterone replacement hormone therapy if the man has hypogonadism, or relationship counselling.

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