Team Building Events Sydney

Good cooperation between team members remains a key factor in the success of a project. It bolsters better performance and creates good atmosphere within the company. The interactions are numerous and are not limited to exchanges. It also consists of support or complementarity.

According to studies, people who say they do not like working in a team account for only 22 percent. The percentage of people who like to collaborate remains much higher than those who show disinterest in the approach. There are three main obstacles to good collaboration between employees: the differences in personalities that can complicate communication between members, the lack of understanding of the abilities of others and the belief that not sharing information provides an advantage.

Mutual support tends to be formed only in the event of a crisis or major problem that requires an alliance to solve it.

It is important that leaders start by leading by example and encourage cooperation within the office. You can start with simple actions that will help create a direct link between you and your employees. Leave the door of your office open to encourage conversation and show that you are approachable and attentive.

Feel free to go around the halls and interact with your employees. Take time to receive attend Team Building Events Sydney with your teams at least once every six months and talk about a variety of topics. These conversations will show your employees the benefits of passing information.

If bad attitudes complicate the smooth running of teamwork, call the concerned individuals to order and indicate the importance of a team spirit. Share with them your ambitions so that it becomes common.

New project often fail to launch due to the lack of knowledge of team members. Take time before you start to ensure the team members get to know each other well. Organize team lunches. During these events, your employees will be able to forge links. These shared moments can also facilitate the introduction of newcomers. However, do not destabilize the group; strive to maintain the team spirit. Collective training events are aimed at better understanding how to manage and bring people with different personalities to work together.

To work properly as a team, ensure a good organization of information exchange. Be prepared to fight against the retention of information. Explain your intentions clearly and aim to create cohesion from the initial information.

Share your information with your associates as soon as you have it to lead by example and encourage them to do the same. Make them think about questions like “Can this information be useful to someone on the team?” In this way, you will empower them and they will get into the habit of asking these kinds of questions and thinking about the team spirit.

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