Teaching English In Cambodia

Many teachers from a foreign country can be seen teaching English in Cambodia. There are many expats from all over the world settling in Cambodia to teach English to students from school to professional level. All types of teachers move in to teach English in this region. While one may find qualified teachers with degrees and credentials from Western institutions settling in Cambodia to teach English, it is also common to see some less qualified teachers making their way into the country to teach the language. While there is no doubt that teaching holds an attraction for trainers and teachers in Cambodia, but when compared to other Asian countries, the teaching professionals in Cambodia makes slightly less income. On average an English teacher can earn around $12 to $15 per hour that is less when compared to other neighboring countries.

The reason why most teachers prefer to settle in Cambodia is that the English teachers, especially from the western side, are in high demand, with little requirements to land a teaching job in Cambodia. In fact, in most of Cambodia, many local schools are content with the knowledge that the person is a native English speaker from a foreign country to offer them a job as an English teacher. Due to this ease of getting in a Cambodian school as an English teacher, many people from the world prefer to get in and try their hand at English teaching at the local schools with no prior teaching experience.

At higher ranking educational institutions and main streams learning centers in Cambodia, the criteria for hiring an English teacher is not as simple as one would find in small local institutes. At least the foreign teacher must hold a Teaching English as a Foreign Language credential or a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults to land an opportunity to teach in some of the prestigious learning centers in Cambodia and make more money than those English teachers who hold less qualification.

There are mainly two types of English schools in the region. The local English medium school and the international English medium school. While it is simpler to get in the local school, however, the pay is low and most teachers who prefer to settle in Cambodia and move all the way from their own countries, prefer to find a suitable English teaching role in the international school that offer more perks and benefits and a better salary than the local learning institutions. One can check out the list of some reputed international English teaching schools in Cambodia before deciding to apply to a school and move in the region.

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