Steps To Publishing Android App

You have created your android app, and you want to have it published, or you want to do it yourself; this is the most crucial part that will determine whether your work will be fruitful or bounce back. Therefore, you need to know various critical things that will ensure that you successfully publish android app. There are various approved ways to do this; each step or factor is crucial in different forms of displaying your app to get to the target group or audience quickly. Here is what you should do to get everything in line:

Open a developer account.

Go to the Google play console and consider opening the developer account; this is where you will make payments for publishing the app; you only pay once and are allowed to publish unlimited apps. Then, think about the type title and the general descriptions of your app, this can be tough, but you can do better by researching the significant keywords that can improve its visibility when people search for it. Give it detailed descriptions and all that it might contain, not forgetting what the users should expect from the app.

Your app content rating

You know what type of app you developed; however, you will need to be in line with the terms and conditions of Google Play. Rate the content in your app in that if it has some adult content, children or people of a certain age will not be able to download or even see it. In this part, you will be required to honest to avoid being deprived of the right to publish the app. To make it more effective, you can include screenshots that display some features about the app; with the screenshots, anyone will quickly understand the app’s idea.

Choose app category and upload APK file.

It is crucial to choose your app’s category, be keen enough because if you select the wrong type, then the app won’t be visible easily to your target audience. Then think about downloading the APK file for your app as you indicate whether it is a beta version or different. Generate your app key from the Android studio to enable your file to be easily downloaded and installed in all android versions. Where you might lose access to your app’s key store, you will be required to do the whole publishing process again.


With a few simple steps, you can easily Publish Android App; this is an activity you can do on your own without anyone’s help. The main thing to focus on is the Google play store terms and conditions; if you violate even one of them, you might be completely banned from publishing.

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