Steak Darling Harbour Options To Explore

When you’re in Darling Harbour and want to experience the best steak darling harbour in Australia, there are a few great options. We’ll cover the Meat & Wine Co., The Gidley. If you’re looking for a good steak in Sydney, don’t hesitate to head to one of these great restaurants. You’ll be glad you did!

The Gidley

Best steak darling harbour fare in an upmarket, old-world setting. A comprehensive wine list pairs well with classic steakhouse fare. Located in the heart of Sydney’s Darling Harbour, this old-world restaurant is an essential stop for the Sydney foodie. Featuring prime cuts of steak and a long wine list, the Gidley is an ideal choice for dinner in Darling Harbour.

A cocktail bar and steakhouse in the same building, The Gidley is a perfect combination of old-school ambiance and modern convenience. There’s a comfortable lounge room for pre or post-dinner drinks. The Liquid & Larder Group also operates the renowned Wild Rover and Grandma’s Bar. The Gidley is the latest venture from the same team that runs Bistecca, Liquid, and Larder.

A great rib eye is an essential part of a scrumptious dinner. A boneless rib eye cap is the most succulent cut of steak, costing $60. It’s 220 grams of prime perfection. For a bit more money, a standing prime rib roast can be ordered. You can order it many ways, but we recommend the 700g Gidley cut.

A rib-eye is the star dish at The Gidley Steakhouse Darling Harbor. A whole grilled flounder in British bread sauce is another option. The savory pumpkin pie is a tasty treat, layered with whipped goat’s cheese, and resembles lasagna. And, of course, a traditional steakhouse isn’t complete without a burger. Served with a double beef patty, cheddar, pickles, and optional bacon, the burger will surely satisfy any beef lover.

The Meat & Wine Co.

The Meat & Wine Co. has made a splash in Canberra with a recent move. This premium steakhouse boasts an impressive wine list and an exclusive basting recipe that has been kept secret for 35 years. The meat is prepared perfectly, while the attentive service and the ambiance are top-notch.

The Meat & Wine Co. features two restaurants in Sydney. One is located next to the IMAX at Darling Harbour. The other location is inside the Intercontinental Hotel, located on Circular Quay. The restaurant features indoor and outdoor dining options, as well as private function rooms. The interior design is modern and features subtle African touches, including rustic wooden walls and leather seats. Happy hour is offered Monday to Friday.

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