Some Of The Things That Make Babies Wake Early And How To Solve Them.

Generally, babies require to go to bed early than adults but when baby wakes up too early the following might be the contributing factors;

Long naps during the day

Baby wakes up too early in the morning especially if they slept a lot during the day and they are not tired. As babies grow older, day naps should be dropped so that they can sleep for long hours at night.


Hunger may cause a baby to wake up early in the morning, this is because they are not getting enough calories during the day. This problem can be solved by giving extra calories and also changing the feeding hours.
If the baby has already reached the weaning stage, it always important to consult with the pediatrician before introducing solid foods.

Too much light coming in

A lot of light coming in the room usually causes the babies brain to be stirred and not want to fall back to sleep again thus causing them to wake up early than usual. This problem can be solved by putting light blockers and also ensure that they are out of reach for the babies.


Environmental noise such as someone getting ready for work, garbage truck or music may make the little one wake up early in the morning. This can be fixed by having a portable fan or white noise machine in their room, whereby the noise should be irregular.

Late bedtime

When babies go to bed late, it does not necessarily mean that they will sleep for long hours. This is because they may be overly tired or fatigued, thus making them not have quality sleep. Late bed time also contributes to waking up in the middle of the night.
This can be solved by making the baby sleep early by thirty minutes than their usual time so that their bodies can easily adjust .

Interesting activities

When a baby knows that they have something interesting to do in the morning like using a phone or tablet, they will definitely rise early instead of falling back to sleep again. This can be solved by having something else to do like coloring or doing puzzles before they engage in their interesting activity.

Some babies are naturally early risers compared to others and it’s important for parents or guardian to be okay with it so that they can plan the bed time routine properly, since babies change their sleep pattern as they grow older.

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