Smart Tips For A Smart Online Piano Buyer

The piano is a very important instrument in the world of music. Unlike the offline buyer who can see and test the equipment before buying it, the online buyer does not have such luxury. Therefore, buying piano online can be a tricky thing, especially if you’ve never done it before. Even though the online purchase of the piano can save you a significant amount of time and money, you should do it right. The following three smart tips will help you make the right decision when you opt to buy pianos online.

1. Match the Piano Design with your Style

How do you plan to use the piano? If you are looking for a piano that will be used as decoration at home, one that is rarely played, an exquisite design will serve the purpose. However, if you are looking for a piano that your entire household can play, you’ll need an elaborate option. For example, you can choose between the digital and the acoustic piano. The digital piano, also known as the electric piano, is less expensive, lighter, and occupy less space than the acoustic piano. Nevertheless, the acoustic piano gives out a richer sound.

2. Buy the Piano Size that Matches your Need

How big do you want the piano to be? As aforementioned, the digital pianos are lightweight and occupy less room. Ideally, they are meant for smaller apartments and those who want to play for fun. Typically, the small pianos contain 37-88 keys and each key has a specific role. However, you should confirm that the online seller has indicated the number of keys before you buy the piano.

3. Differentiate Between Used and New Piano

You should decide if you want a used or a new piano. Used pianos don’t necessarily mean that they are poorer in quality. On the contrary, they are proven to work by the seller and you just need to tune and maintain them right and they will work just as new. Unlike the new pianos which normally come with warranties, the used ones rarely have such provisions.


Buying a piano is an important purchase, which takes many people months (and even years) to make. While many people would never consider buying a piano online, it is worthwhile if done right. Besides the above tips, one of the most important things that you should do if you opt to buy a piano online, especially a new one, is to look for a detailed warranty provision. This covers the instrument against internal problems and offers you a trade-in option, in case you want to replace the piano.

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