Singapore Car Battery Replacements

You enter the vehicle, turn the key on and there is no response from the engine. The cause, in most cases, is that the car battery has discharged its power. The lack of ignition of the car is only one of the symptoms of a low battery. If starting up requires more time than normal or, again, if some lights in the dashboard remain on, it means that the time has come to change it.

To avoid surprises, you can use a voltmeter to determine when it is time to replace the battery or contact Singapore Car Battery Replacements experts. The voltmeter can be purchased at affordable prices. With it, the charge status of the machine battery can be measured. Simply open the vehicle hood with the engine switched off and connect the positive and negative terminals to the respective battery terminals.

Once this operation has been performed, the battery charge values will appear on the voltmeter. If these are between 12.4 and 12.7 volts, you can easily put your battery in the car because it is still charged. If the values are lower, it will be necessary to recharge or replace the unit.

To carry out the recharging operation, you must have the cables and another car with a charged battery nearby. Open the bonnet of both cars and connect the negative and positive terminal of the cables to the charged and then the discharged battery.

Once this operation has been completed, the engine of the loaded car must first be turned on, at a speed of about 2000 rpm, and then the one of the discharged vehicle can be started, keeping it running for about ten minutes. After this time, you will have to disconnect the cables in the reverse order from the one in which they were installed.

The day is perfect, you managed to find the time to enjoy a nice ride on the bike or in the car. Everything is ready, you go into the box and try to turn on the engine, but the battery is not charged.

If you have to disconnect the battery, do it only after the panel is off for 10 minutes. You should have the radio’s security code and you are sure that there are no anti-theft systems to be reprogrammed. With vintage cars and motorcycles, there are fewer problems when it comes to Singapore Car Battery Replacements.

As a precaution, it is advisable to go to a workshop for a check of the machine battery immediately and replace it if necessary. Having cables in your car is a good practice, but very few drivers follow this rule. What to do then if the car battery suddenly discharges and you do not have cables?

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