Should You Use An Electric Training Collar?

Pets are a great source of joy around the house, but they can also be a handful. They may keep doing things that they should not do and go where they should not be. It is important to train them right from the start so that they can make good habits part of their normal behavior. Owners can use a number of training methods to achieve this goal. Most will try to bribe their dogs by offering treats for obeying commands. This positive reinforcement makes them feel good when they follow orders, making them likely to do so again. Another method has the opposite approach: using an electric training collar.

The Theory

If treats provide positive feedback, then the collars provide negative feedback. They make it clear to the dogs that doing certain things are not good by associating them with undesirable sensations. The low-level shocks are enough to jolt them and get their attention if they are unwilling to listen to commands. This is not a new approach by any means. However, it is thought to be more humane than other types of detriments. Others argue that it is still a bad practice but experience has proven that it is effective. Its usage is up to the pet owners. If they think that this will help, then they can use it to complement other forms of dog training.

Methods of Use

The collar carries an electronic device that can beep, vibrate, or deliver a shock. These are meant to deter the dog from doing the things that they aren’t supposed to like jumping over a fence or barking excessively. The device may be programmed to act depending on the stimuli. For instance, if it senses the dog barking then it can deliver a shock to stop this. A remote control may be included to allow users to activate the collar at will. They can set the voltage level and the length of time according to what they think is adequate.

Pet Safety

The amount of voltage used by the collars are minimal. According to the manufacturers, these devices will not cause permanent or long-term physical damage. In any case, there are non-harmful actions that owners can use instead of shock. They can train their pets using the beeps and vibrations as cues to promote good behavior. Just make sure that the collars are not too tight nor too loose on their necks. The range of the remote control should also be wide enough for this to be effective in a large field. The beeps can be used to locate the dog in case it gets lost.

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