Should You Hire Acoustic Duo For Your Wedding In Melbourne?

When searching for music for your wedding in Melbourne, one of the questions that you’ll probably ask yourself is whether you need to hire an acoustic duo or a full band. While all these options are good, here are some things that you need to consider and possible benefits of choosing an acoustic duo.

They are great if you are looking for variety

If you are looking for mellow background music that’s quiet enough so people can mingle and chat with each other and loud enough for everyone to enjoy then acoustic duo Melbourne is good. This may not be possible for a full band since drum kit tends to have only one volume set. With the acoustic duo, you’ll be surprised at the atmosphere and range of music that they can provide.

If you are looking for adaptability and flexibility they are the best

Since you’ll only be having two musicians performing, you generally don’t require a large room and you don’t have to set up so many things. So, when looking for a venue you won’t have to worry about the musicians not having enough space like you would with a full band. Apart from the number of musicians, a full band also requires more equipment that may end up occupying a lot of space.

As compared to full band acoustic duo is less costly

Simply put, the main factor that determines the cost of hiring music is the number of musicians. This means a hiring an acoustic duo requires almost half the price that you would use to hire a full band. It’s cheaper to book two people than booking a whole band.

They can play any music that you want

An acoustic duo can perform virtually any kind of music that a full band can play and with a more streamlined arrangement. Their music lists often feature many guitar-based songs done by highly skilled musicians. From rock to pop music, an acoustic duo can perform almost all kinds of genre.

It’s easy to move with them

Regardless of where you want them to perform, it’s much easier to transport acoustic duo. With just two performers, it means that there are less equipment and fewer expenses.


Although a full band is greater for a big event where space, volume, and budget is not an issue, if you want to be minimalistic then acoustic duo Melbourne might be the best option for you.

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