Saving The Environment Through Conservation Podcasts

There is a lot of work to be done to save the environment from various threats. Some take to the streets to compel governments to take action. Others create nature documentaries that entertain while opening the eyes of the world to ecological crises. A few have taken the fight online by launching conservation podcasts that deal with the most relevant topics of our time.

These might not be as fiery as protests but they are just as useful in educating people about environmental issues. They do not have the visual engagement that nature documentaries provide but they are cheaper to produce. They can also be published at a more consistent schedule and can thus feature the trending topics of the moment. These conservation podcasts typically feature the following in their episodes:

Interviews with Eco Experts

Most documentaries are only an hour long, if not shorter. This is not always enough to discuss the details of various issues and answer all of the common questions. Protests may be covered on TV, thus increasing their reach, but programs will only get sound bites from the protestors. In podcasts, every episode can feature a different panel of experts on a certain field. These top scientists and policymakers can explain the issues from different angles. Listeners will learn a lot from their insights and experience.

Highlights of Endangered Species

The increase in endangered species threaten whole ecosystems. Every animal plays a part in maintaining harmony in an area. With people hunting down big game, fishing creatures to extinction, and bulldozing habitats to build human settlements, we lose certain species forever. Many are struggling to survive with intervention required to grow their numbers back. These podcasts can highlight some of the most interesting and important endangered species.

Discussions of Current Events

Most podcasts are released weekly which is frequent compared to documentaries that can take a year or more to finish. They are basically recorded radio-style shows that are available for download at any time. Subscribers can download them automatically with their chosen apps. This means podcasts can tackle the most pressing issues of the day. For example, they might shed light on the current pandemic and investigate the possible origins. Many are speculating that these are animals taken from the wild and sold in wet markets. They can also discuss the effects of the lockdowns on the care of forests and other conservation areas.

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