Safety Tips For Working With Automotive Scissor Lifts

Not all projects require you to work on a low ground surface. Some require you to work from a raised point. Though you can access such points using a ladder, it’s not as flexible, fast, and stable as an automotive scissor lift.

While automotive scissor lifts are amazing at helping you reach higher points, they can be a safety risk if used incorrectly. That’s why you need to get familiar with the machine’s safety practices first hand. As a guide, here are the top 5 safety tips that you should always keep in mind when using these lifts.

Safe Working Environment

Work safety starts with the working environment. It has to be secure for all workers before you start operating an automotive scissor lift. The environment has to be assessed to ensure there are no risks like:

• Uneven ground
• Sharp objects
• Slippery surface
• Loose wire

Protective Gear

It’s necessary to protect your body from possible harm. For a start, you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes and a safety hat to protect your head. You also need to wear steel-toe boots to protect your feet. Additionally, you should wear an apron to protect the rest of your body.

Equipment Maintenance

You might be cautious when working with an automotive scissor lift but this doesn’t guarantee that your equipment will always be safe. That’s why you should have the lift checked and serviced by a professional. During the inspection, you should ensure the lift is tested and verified to be in good condition. You should also share any kind of challenge or malfunction you may have experienced in the past with the professionals to allow them figure out the root cause of such issues.

Capacity Limit

Every automotive scissor lift comes with a specific capacity limit. You are expected not to exceed this limit as it may be a safety risk. Remember, the lift is designed to go high off the ground. So, overloading it may make it unstable and faulty. It’s generally dangerous to work with such a lift.

Workers Training

Lastly, no worker should operate an automotive scissor lift if they are not skilled. So, if you are interested in running this machine, you should first get trained. It helps you to understand the basic safety practices for working with this lift and many others.

Generally, automotive scissor lifts are great when it comes to working off the ground. However, it’s paramount that safety comes first. You and the other workers need to feel safe and work safely. That’s exactly what the above tips promise.

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