Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Is Economical And Can Add Character To Your Los Angeles Home

Los Angeles is a city with a lot of history going back many centuries and was always a well-developed commercial and residential center that had more than its fair share of old homes. Many of these old homes and buildings were built of wood, which in those olden times made for easily available building material. When many of them were demolished for redevelopment or because they had outlived their usefulness, it left a lot of well-seasoned wood that could easily be used again.

This reclaimed wood found its way into building and scrap yards, and become a rich source for reclaimed hardwood flooring Los Angeles. It is in fact, a salvaged building material that is the most sought after and is largely used for renovation of older homes. This reclaimed hardwood has a patina that makes it a perfect fit for older traditional homes. It is half the price of any new hardwood flooring and this makes it budget-friendly.

If you shop around extensively by visiting all yards that sell reclaimed hardwood flooring Los Angeles you can even find rare species of wood that are now non-existent. These rare species can be a little more expensive, but still greatly cheaper than new hardwood floors. Most of these salvage yards in the Los Angeles area have their websites, and you can search their databases in the comfort of your home until you find the reclaimed hardwood flooring that suits your taste and the existing decor in your home. You can then go out to the chosen salvage yard, and buy the hardwood flooring that has caught you fancy.

Take proper measurements of the room and rooms that you want to renovate with this old hardwood flooring, as there is no guarantee that the salvager will have an adequate area of the wood that you want. Be prepared to even mix-and-match what is available so that all your floor can be from reclaimed wood. You need to buy at least 10 percent more than the area you have calculated, as there will be some wastage to make the flooring fit into your rooms.

It is not necessary that the reclaimed hardwood flooring that you find comes from actual flooring. It can come from any old wood from demolished buildings and which has been then sawn and made into boards for flooring. Reclaimed hardwood after being laid on floors can always be sanded and refinished to suit the existing decor in your home.

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