Rational Proof That Distance Healing Sessions Really Work!

Do distance healing sessions really work? Or is it something that you should accept as a matter of faith? Should you opt for it even though your logical side refuses to accept the idea of blind faith?

Well, don’t commit the mistake of opting for distance healing without any mental clarity. You should be a believer and whether you choose to believe by rely on logic or on faith is a personal choice. If you are unable to bring yourself to believe that the distance healing works, then try to understand the logic behind this concept.

The human body is a wonderfully delicate and intricate mechanism. We have so many organs and organ systems entrusted with different processes and responsibilities. The various systems in our body—nervous, endocrine, muscular, circulation—everything works together in such a stable and synchronized manner.

What is more, all the processes are interlinked with each other. The heart pumps blood which carries the nutrients necessary for the stomach to digest the food. The digestion system releases nutrients into the blood, which in turn, provides the fuel necessary for the heart to continue pumping blood.

We will be hard pressed to identify such a complex and delicate mechanism manufactured by a human mind that can work so well without any performance issues or instability.

Now, the mind, which controls this powerful and delicate mechanism, is obviously more powerful than the body. We have all read and heard about instances of people achieving miraculous goals through sheer willpower, dedication, and the strength of their mind.

In such a scenario, can you confidently conclude that it is impossible for the mind to heal somebody from a distance? Logic dictates that we should accept what seems rational and logical irrespective of whether it seems believable or not.

Our personal opinions and prejudices should not influence rational analysis. And logic tells us that distance healing is certainly a possibility. Don’t invisible radio waves transmit our voices, which can be by electronic equipment like telephones into sounds that our ears can process, and our brain can understand?

Similarly, the mind can transmit healing waves that the recipient’s body can absorb and utilize. Ultimately, it is a form of energy that is present all around us. Just that we cannot see it does not mean we should conclude that it does not or cannot exist.

So, before you question the authenticity and credibility of distance healing sessions, just to keep in mind that logic and rational analysis supports distance healing. Once this is clear, you can move on to unconditional acceptance that such healing is indeed possible.

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