Qualities That All Good Hotels In Akumal Have

When looking for accommodation, you expect the hotel you choose to have the best amenities, service, and food. But it is not always that you get this. To avoid poor customer service and amenities, you need to choose your Akumal accommodation wisely. Below are some of the qualities that all good accommodations share.

Good Location

The location of a hotel can make or break it. Most people prefer Akumal accommodations that are close to local attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, and within a few minutes’ drive from the airport etc. However, this does not mean that those at less-than-optimal proximity are not good. Such a hotel should offer extra services such as shuttle transportation to and from the airport and to the popular nearby points of interest.


Good hotels offer a variety of activities such as live band concerts to entertain and engage their customers. If you are traveling with your kids, you should book one that also offers kids’ activities that are tailored to keep them busy and give you some time to relax and unwind.

Value-Added Extras

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, there is value to the extras that enhance that trip’s experience. If you get exclusive deals, that’s even better. The rates you are charged might be the same with other accommodations in the area, but extras such as admission to the local water park add more value. Other value-added extras include free parking, hot breakfast, WiFi, early check-in and late check-out.

All Inclusive Meal Plans

An all-inclusive meal plan can be perceived in terms of quantity. By quantity we mean being able to enjoy ample drinks and food without being charged extra. People who will enjoy the value of this quality the most are those traveling with their kids. Small kids do not eat that much food. This means that if you order a basket of five chicken tenders for $10 for your kid and only two are consumed, you will have wasted your money. However, if you get a one-time charge for their meal, you will not have to worry about getting your money’s worth.

Friendly, Helpful Staff

A hotel’s meals and amenities might be up to standard, but the services offered by its staff are not. Avoid accommodations where the staff are rude, slow to serve, and not welcoming. After all, it is your money, so you deserve the best.

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