Potts Point Cafe – The Best Cafes In Potts Point

Do you need reasons to go to a Potts point cafe? Here are some of the noted cafes you can go to during your Potts Point visit. There are numerous cafes in Potts point that offer different types of food, menu, and ambiance.

For example, if you are hungry for sandwiches during afternoon tea, you can head on to one of the luxurious cafeterias located in Potts Point. If you want something light yet delicious, The East Village Bakery is where you should be heading. You will find this cafe near Kings Cross or Elizabeth Bay subway station. They have croissant sandwiches which are great for any time of the day. Their green tea latte is also a must-try!

At night time, there are lots of bars and pubs where locals usually hang out, but what makes them different from the common bars and pubs? The cafes at Potts Point offer something more than just good drinks. They offer an ambiance worth your time and experience.

The Moon Bar is a good example of that kind of place you can go to during night time where you can chill and drink with your friends or anyone else. If you want food, they serve bar bites and cheese platters which go very well with alcohol, don’t know why!

Some of the best cafes are the ones you can find on top of some roof. This includes The Rooftop Bondi, Top Ryde City Roof Garden Bar, and about five more rooftops with cafes located at best spots every night. If every rooftop is just too good to be true, try The Sky Bar.

Located high up at Overseas Passenger Terminal, it has an Australian approach to Mexican food, which is just great! Other than that, they also serve drinks that you can enjoy while watching the breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you want a more luxurious experience during your visit here, head on to Rockpool Bar & Grill, where almost all celebrities hang out around town.

Not only do they have amazing food, but they also offer a cozy and elegant atmosphere. And of course, we can’t just forget about the famous Sydney Fish Market that offers all kinds of seafood you could think of.

Another must-try is the Aussie Seafood Cafe which is located right outside the fish market. If you just had dinner, this place is perfect for some drinks and desserts. Some of their popular dishes are prawn skewers, mud crab, and of course, oysters!

There are too many Potts point cafe to talk about; however, make sure to visit the Rooftop Bars at Potts Point, The Sky Bar, The East Village Bakery & Cafe, Moon Bar (and other rooftop bars), The Australian Seafood Cafe (and other seafood restaurants), Bondi Icebergs Dining Room & Bar (and other themed pubs).

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