Possible Implementations Of A Parking Garage Lifting System

Real estate is expensive. Every square foot is valuable. Optimizing what you already have is crucial since buying more may not always be financially viable. For example, you might be needing more parking space for your growing collection of cars. Your family might have to purchase another unit for the kids when they come of age. Moving to a house with a bigger lot and larger garage might not be the right solution. After all, you might already like your current neighborhood. Going someplace else is too much of a hassle. Instead, you might consider a retrofit with a parking garage lift system.

High Ceiling Garage

This may be implemented in different ways. If you already have a garage with a high ceiling, then you can easily install a scissor lift that can push a loaded platform upwards by several feet. You can effectively double the capacity of the space by having a car on the lift and another below it. Make sure that you get a system that has a rated load capacity that is above and beyond the weight of the vehicle to be lifted. This should be the lighter of the two to be safe. For example, sedans are usually lighter than SUVs and vans so they can occupy the top position.

Second Floor Parking

If your existing garage has a low ceiling, then you may consider adding a second floor where the lifted car can rest. This would look good if the house already has a second floor for the bedrooms and other spaces. That way, the taller garage will not stick out like a sore thumb. An access door should be created to allow the driver and passengers to access the rest of the house right away. Otherwise, they would have to go down somehow and enter through existing doors.

Underground Parking

Lastly, you might want to consider digging into the ground and creating a space for a car below. It can be lowered carefully by the machine while another sits on top of it. This is a more sensible arrangement if the garage already has an occupied room on top of it. You maximize the space in a different way but with largely the same mechanisms.

A parking garage lifting system in a residential setting can be implanted in a number of ways depending on the needs of the owner and the possibilities offered by the existing structure.

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