Popular Huaraches Mexican Shoes Brands

Modern huaraches were developed from rubber soles that were created from used car tires. Huaraches come in a variety of styles, from sandals to complex shoes. Today’s styles feature traditional leather or modern synthetic materials. Here’s a look at three popular brands of huaraches. Read on to learn more about these styles and why they’re so popular! If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, consider buying a pair of Huaraches Mexican shoes!

Dona Michi

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Huaraches Mexican shoes, and the Dona Michi Huaraches from Nisolo is a great choice. Made in Mexico, the huarache features a traditional open-toe design, a leather insole with microporous cushioning, and a soft leather lining on the upper. These shoes are comfortable, too, and Nisolo’s ethically-sourced factory ensures that all huaraches are made in the country.

Each pair of CANO huaraches is a work of art, made with a dedication to quality and durability. The artisans at CANO visited many different workshops and living rooms to learn the art of huarache making. The artisans have a very close relationship with each other, sharing the common goal of preserving and promoting Mexican artistry. The artisans work together to design, create, and manufacture each pair of huaraches, resulting in unique designs that are timeless and incredibly durable.


The name huarache comes from a word in the Purepecha language meaning “to walk.” The huarache is a traditional Mexican sandal made of leather with a woven upper. The leather is tanned and dyed by hand. Its outsole is made of natural rubber. It fits true to size. A classic pair of huaraches is MXN$100 or more.

This type of sandal originated in the Pre-Columbian cultures of Mexico. Originally associated with the farmworkers of the country, the huarache grew in popularity in North America during the hippie era. By the end of the 20th century, huaraches could be found throughout North and South America. Although the traditional designs vary widely, each huarache is classic and simple. Traditionally, the huaraches were made entirely of leather. Later designs included a woven string or a thin wooden sole. Saddlemakers also created elaborate upper designs.

Nike Air Huarache

The Nike Air Huarache was designed in the year 1991 to dominate footraces. Since then, it has become a perennial staple of the Nike lineup and has been a fan favorite among casual footwear lovers and collectors alike. The Nike Air Huarache is set to make a comeback in the near future. In the meantime, you can still find many of the shoes on sale racks and on the secondary market for next to nothing.

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