Pool Deck Remodel Fort Lauderdale

Pool deck remodel Fort Lauderdale is one of the best ways to provide your old pool with a new life. A number of individuals remodel their old pool to provide both the swimming pool and the overall landscape with a new look. In fact, improving the visual appeal of the pool is among the most common reasons to undertake a remodeling project. However, there are many more benefits that can be gained from a pool deck remodel Fort Lauderdale than simply improving a look of the pool. This is especially true when a pool deck coating is used in the remodeling process. The benefits include:

Cost Efficiency

Coating the pool deck instead of having it totally redone will cost between a third and a half of the total replacement cost. This money could be used for much more pleasurable or important things. Having the pool coated is less costly and these savings can be added to the reduced risk of emergency room bills that could result from burns and slips. This would provide a more comprehensive view of the cost efficiency of using this technique in your pool remodel.

Slip Resistance

Wet surfaces can become slippery quite quickly, resulting in falls and other mishaps. The deck coating can be used to create a textured surface that assists in reducing the risk of slipping. It provides additional insurance if you have pets and children who will be using or be in close proximity of the pool. Many accidents which can result in dangerous injuries like broken bones are not caused from swimming but from mishaps such as slips and falls around the pool. There is a reduced risk of this happening when a non-slip coating is used.

More Conducive to Bare Feet

Concrete, brick and other materials can absorb the rays of the sun quite quickly. This causes discomfort when walking bare feet in the area. Apart from being uncomfortable, the delicate skin on your feet can burn on hot surfaces. This makes walking challenging and could result in medical costs if the burn is too excessive as the coating material is resist to heat absorption. This makes the surface more comfortable and cooler to the touch.

With all the advantages of using a deck coating, you should consider using it in your pool remodeling project. This will add to pool safety, save you money and give your pool deck a brand new look.

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